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Memes and the internet famous are a different type of talent than movie stars. They have different success curves, monetization paths and fan bases. The internet famous need a customized type of agent who can help them navigate the digital waters and maximize their popularity and revenue.

More Revenue

Did you optimize your youtube ads? Great! What's next? AGENT MEME helps the memes generate more revenue, increase fan base, sell branded goods, license their art and fight for their copyright. Each meme that we work with is different. Through our portfolio of talent, we have built a network of advertisors and production companies, so you don't need to start from scratch.

Meme Lifecycle

We have started working with some memes as early as 24 hours after they start to explode. Others we work with a year into the process. If you have a viral Youtube Video or Reddit Character which is starting to take off, don't waste a moment, give us a call and we will help you craft a strategy to success.


As a growing meme you have probably recieved licensing requests. We will be your hard nosed negotiator. Whether it be advertisements, endorsements, affiliates, we will help you get more.


Our in house attorney will work with you to help get what is yours.


We will help build your community. We have done Kickstarter Campaigns, T-Shirt Deals, Commercials, Voice Overs, Appearances, Ad Licensing, Affiliate Deals, Co-Branding Deals.

Let Us Represent You

We're Growing

Are you an up and coming internet phenom, great, we are an up and coming agency! Let us represent you and show you how other internet memes and musicians have made millions of dollars promoting their brand.

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